What We Do?

In the true spirit of Buddhist Philosophy GPEH & Boys Home do not bother about Religion, Caste, Creed or Ethnicity of Elders and Boys admitted to The Homes but go through a selection process of the management committee. Admissions to SGBH (Sir Senarath Gunawardena Boys Home) are directed by the COURTS on requests made by the Department of Probation and Childcare.

Regular activities performed are:

  • 1. Programs conducted to offer meals & provisions from donors/well wishers to offer alms (Dana) daily to the inmates โ€“ registers are maintained for such offers.

  • 2. On All Poya days religious activities are organized, on SPECIAL Poya days such as Vesak & Poson special religious activities are organized.

  • 3. Excursions are organized of educational and religious values to inmates (children and elders) by The management of GPHE & SGBH Home with the sponsorship of donors/well wishers where inmates are encouraged to participate, enjoy and have fun.

  • 4. Provision of free Medical assistance to inmates by conducting monthly health check programs by Government Medical Doctors. A senior Nurse is employed at GPHE to look after all inmates and attend to their medical needs during day & night.

    Special Health Care programs are also conducted regularly for inmates by organizing medical camps voluntarily by Doctors and or under special sponsorship by well wishers.

  • 5. To let inmates relax and have some fun in singing a dancing, small parties and gatherings are organized.

  • 6. Special discussions/lectures on topics relevant to health and well being by resource persons too are conducted periodically meditation programs are held under the auspices of reputed Monks & Laymen.